The Apparo Effect

Apparo Corporate Partner and Skilled Volunteer - Markus Hill, CIO, Rodgers Builders

Guest host, Kim Lanphear, Apparo's CEO talks career choices, philanthropy and skilled volunteering with Apparo Board Member, Markus Hill, CIO of Rodgers Builders. Markus chats with Kim about his career journey, the importance of service in his personal and professional life and how Apparo delivers skilled volunteer opportunities that attract his and his team's support year after year. 

A Nonprofit Technology Career Journey

Apparo's Jennifer Ray shares the story of her career journey, from early childhood inspirations to the classroom, from training to sales and back to the world of nonprofits. She explains how she first learned about the power of technology as a great equalizer as a special needs educator. Her passion for technology took off then, led her all over the country as a software trainer and then landed her back in her service role at Apparo. Learn about the career choices and other decisions Jennifer made along the way that led her to feeling "extremely lucky" about where her journey has taken her. 

Ask a Tech Expert with Ross Feldman

In this episode we meet a nonprofit tech expert, Ross Feldman, Customer Success Leader at Carolina Computer Partners. He shares highlights of his tech career journey, the importance of community service in his life and launches our Ask a Tech Expert podcast series with an overview of the importance of multifactor authentication. 

He shares links for getting started with multifactor authentication for your email.

Send your nonprofit tech questions for Ross to

The Power of Mentorship

Apparo's Bleema Bershad, Director of Marketing, is joined by a mentor-mentee pair who were brought together through nonprofit partner Women Executives and their WINGS (Women Initiating and Nurturing Growth through Scholarships) program: Jean Veatch of Duke Energy and Toni Moss, a student at UNC Charlotte. They share:

  • A detailed overview of the WINGS program
  • Toni's educational journey and career aspirations
  • Jean's journey of involvement with WINGS
  • The value of their mentor-mentee relationship
  • The importance of technology



A Nonprofit Technology Career Journey

Apparo's Bleema Bershad, Director of Marketing, is joined by longtime nonprofit partner, Paige Stryker, IT Project Manager at Novant Health. Hear Paige's career journey from a college history major to an IT leader. Paige addresses:

  • Creating custom job roles
  • Bringing technology into CMS classrooms
  • Taking career chances
  • Following your passion and interests
  • Learning from mentors


Nonprofit-Corporate Collaboration with Next Stage

Enjoy this episode hosted by Apparo's CEO, Kim Lanphear, as she's joined by Josh Jacobson, CEO of Next Stage. Enjoy listening and learning about:

  • The backgrounds and missions of both nonprofit organizations
  • The shared passion of both of these leaders: collaboration!
  • Why corporations are on board with supporting nonprofits - HR benefits and more and what sometimes hampers these relationships
  • What they've learned and experienced related to nonprofit/corporate collaboration and the success of cohort programs
  • Ups and downs of funding 

How the Library Can Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

Learn from Christina Dooley, Nonprofit Services Team Lead at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, about free support services to help nonprofits navigate the world of grants. From classes to database tools, the Library has you covered, whatever the size or stage of your nonprofit. 

Christina provides an overview of all Library services for nonprofits and gives direction on how to access them. We also discuss the Library's work with Apparo on Microsoft Teams and goals for 2022. 

The Power of Cohort Programs for Nonprofit Capacity Building

Bleema Bershad, Apparo's Director of Marketing, is joined by Sam Smith Jr., Director of External Engagement at United Way of Central Carolinas and Lavonne McLean, Chief Program Officer of Apparo. Listen in as we talk about the power of cohort programs in helping nonprofits improve their ability to serve. 

We chat about:

  • United Way's Unite Charlotte cohort
  • Apparo's G.A.I.N. cohort
  • Why some nonprofits may hesitate before joining a cohort program
  • The benefits of cohort based capacity building for nonprofits
  • The new partnership between United Way and Apparo

A Sponsor‘s Story - Greg Fadale, NTT Ltd.

In this episode, host Bleema Bershad (Director of Marketing, Apparo) is joined by her colleague Vickie Wixon (Sponsorship Manager, Apparo) and guest Greg Fadale, Sales Director at NTT Ltd. Greg shares his story of being a sponsor, donor and volunteer with Apparo.

Benefits of Skilled Volunteering - Small Business Owner Perspective

Bill Hammelman, President of Carolina Computer Partners, joins host Bleema Bershad and Apparo's Sarah Gregory to share stories of his career journey and partnership with Apparo over the past several years. 

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